Attention Information Systems Managers:

Now you can securely monitor and control your servers and network devices using Internet-enabled pocket PCs, Palm Pilots, and cell phones.

Announcing the release of Serverphone Enterprise! With a single installation, you can carry your entire network, data center, and/or e-business enterprise in the palm of your hand. Increase your response time to repair requests. Achive a high return on investment. The Enterprise edition is a completely self-contained product that is installed on your network and is not reliant on any outside providers.

As Seen in the October 2001 issue of Windows 2000 Magazine! Please note, the toll-free number in the magazine article is incorrect. The correct number is 1-301-562-9339.

Enterprise Features Include:

  • Full server and individual service monitoring
  • Hard and soft rebooting of servers
  • Start/Stop/Restart/Query all Windows Services and Programs
  • Unlimited users and servers (based on licensing) with only one sofwtare install
  • Controls Windows, Solaris, and Linux servers
  • Core network administration- control Windows users, groups, permissions, print ques, custom commands, trace routes, send broadcast messages
  • Device agnostic- works on Palm, PocketPC and WAP Phones
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Future upgrades will control routers, switches, etc.

For further information, Serverphone staff can be reached at 301-562-9339,, or click here.

The WAP site for the service is
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